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. frosty cool mornings and warmer afternoons. mild out there. mild day. we saw temperatures in santa rosa in the mid-60s today. the jet stream is taking everything to the north. i pointed thisurt earlier -- this out earlier, that is a big ridge of high pressure. the forecast over night lows, chilly. like they have been. not as cold. we are getting high pressure that is making the air sink. it will be warm during the days, takes the edge off in the mornings. you are still getting frosty mornings, mid-30s, low 30s. 30 degrees. some people are doing a 40- degree spread. sunny and mild tomorrow. warmer in some places. warming trend sticks around. breeze is brought by the high pressure. i showed you at 5:00 p.m., you can see. pushed away. it is a visual clue. there is not a lot of clouds because the air is sinking. with that said, napa tomorrow 67. santa rosa 67. 65 novato. i don't think we will see fog tomorrow morning but we will see patchy frost. santa rosa, those spots, puckts inland. frost -- pockets inland. bay is so big it modifies the temperatures around the bay. ocean does that too. t
. the end of january. temperatures feel like the end of march. temperature in santa rosa 68 degrees. warm spots. 67 in morgan hill. look at the numbers. significant numbers into february. 69 in redwood city. that was the warmest spot. 63 antioch. 62 fairfield. nice weather. no rain in the forecast. high pressure, the thing to note, i will show it to you again, see this? that is the off shore winds. move it back. winds going this way. goes away. that is sinking air, and that is warming air. that is why it is warm. that is why it is warm out there now. 57 degrees in santa rosa, that is warm. 59 oakland. 57 hayward. few clicks off 60 degrees. forecast tomorrow, patchy fog in the forecast. warmer into the afternoon hours. your bay area weekend, clouds, ton of clouds? some clouds. hazy sunshine. partly cloudy skies. cold over night. patchy fog. what we had today is what we have tomorrow. tomorrow and -- as we go into saturday, we will be nice. these clouds move in saturday afternoon. they create high cloudiness, partly cloudy skies for the rest of the day saturday and sunday trends temperature
,000 block of montgomery drive in santa rosa. a man was struck by a 300 series mercedes benz. police say the victim died at the scene. no word on his identity. >>> as most people were sleeping this morning, water and mud poured into homes in san francisco. a 16-inch pipe burst sending water down 15th avenue just after 2:30 a.m. this morning. 23 homes were inundated. six are yellow tagged and 12 cars were damaged. >> the water came up so high it tipped everything over. and the refrigerator was full. it just tipped everything over. it was that high. started floating. >> as you can see the trash cans were floating. everything. >> the water opened up a sink hole that won't be repaired till tomorrow. they are looking for the cause of the break. the water main break raised new questions about san francisco's aging infrastructure. new tonight at 6:00 p.m., ktvu's rob roth spoke to officials about what needs to be done to prevent these problems in the future. rob? >> reporter: we are at 15th avenue, take a look at the plastic bags. inside them are people's possessions that have to be thrown out
s for napa and fairfield. and santa rosa, 43. novato already cooling off in the upper 40s. and san jose at last check reported 51. for tonight, partly cloudy. tomorrow, morning cloud cover. but skies, partly sunny skies by the afternoon hours. the extended, we could be talking about some showers, and also cooler temperatures. first thing sunday, some upper 30s out toward santa rosa and napa. san francisco, 48 degrees. san jose, 46. mostly cloudy skies. pockets of dense fog. especially showing up near parts of the coast and some of the inland valleys. also a concern is this, building swell. we do not have a high surf advisory, but the swell will be building into your sunday, and the waves on the order of 10 to 15 feet. the strong rip currents and also some bigger waves. >>> the overall weather pattern, the area of low pressure is drifting to the south. tomorrow, super bowl sunday. fair skies in the afternoon hours. by monday, high pressure returns. it will set up a dry weather pattern. basically dry all this weekend. but morning cloud cover and some fog and at least near the shoreli
have been dropping off quite a bit. these are the numbers for the 6:00 hour. santa rosa right now in the upper 40s, at 49. san jose currently checking in at 52. san francisco, lower 50s, at 51 degrees. forecast headlines for tonight, we'll go with mostly clear skies, temperatures on the cool side. tomorrow, definitely bundle up for the morning hours, but lots of sunshine into the afternoon. extended, dry weather pattern and temperatures will be warming back up over the next few days. first thing tomorrow morning, we will have some patchy frost out there, especially in some of the inland valleys. tomorrow morning will be cooler than this morning. so you can see napa at 29. san francisco at 42. san jose, 34. still 30s, lower 30s out toward concord and fairfield. high pressure continues to build offshore. as a result, the storm track heads way up to our north. of course we had the rain showers on thursday into early friday morning. look what happens. this high builds in and a dry week ahead. no rainfall chances in our forecast at all. lots of sunshine and temperatures do go up a few
. temperatures as warm as they're going to be all week. take a look at the numbers. 68 in zap a rosa. the big spots, oakland 71. morgan hill 72. that's not very february-like weather. temperatures are going to cool down a bit. we talk about the surf. the story about the swells that are coming in. as we look out here, i can show you that here we are, the surf right now is 4 feet. out here in this swell field which is just a big wind field where there's a storm. the wave heights are running 20 feet. those swells are working to the coast. they will fill in as we get to saturday and sunday. big surf coming our way. the waves travel from west to east. that's what's happening there. big surf certainly on sunday. i think by tomorrow night it gets big too. here come the clouds. high filtered sunshine tomorrow. temperatures will be trending down just a little bit. if you look at the surface down there in monterrey bay. there's fog coming up as well. that's working its way up the coast. temperatures tomorrow are going to be cooler than today by a couple degrees. overnight lows like last night, maybe no
combing the property. according to the santa rosa press democrat three men were found shot to death inside the home which as you can see there is located in a heavily wooded area. >>> late this afternoon, fairfield police released the first images of a 13-year-old girl who was found dead in a park there. ktvu's paul chambers is joining us now where he's been following the investigation all day. what are investigators saying about this case. >> reporter: they are being very tight lipped but several hours ago they released her identity and a picture of her crossing the intersection moments before she was last seen. and you can see here there's a growing memorial in her honor. genelle conway-allen is a girl many people did not know but all day people have been coming here to light candles and say a prayer. >> we were looking in our car for a stuffed animal so we could set out there for the poor girl. >> reporter: right now the family is coming together at this tragic time. as they remember a young girl gone too soon. >> this is sad. it just sickens me. i have three daughters myself. >> report
rosa. south of -- north of the park. petaluma. beach. scattered showers. more stowers moving -- showers moving in. showers in this direction. san francisco, you will get showers here in the next few minutes -- or moments. gilroy, scattered showers there. this is not the main deal, there is a low pressure that comes in over the top of us, when it does it brings us showers, maybe a chance of a thunderstorm and snow in the mountains. see you back here. >>> a former star football player from the bay area will spend the next few years behind bars for selling drugs. davis was sentenced to three years in prison for selling drugs. the 28-year-old was a running back for san jose state and went to the canadian football league. he was cut loose in 2010. >>> the city of concord is closer to banning the cultivation of marijuana. they voted 4-0 in favor of the measure that now goes to the counsel. they banned medical marijuana dispensary in 2005. the supreme court is weighing whether local governments have the right to enact such bans. >>> in an hour, san jose mayor will deliver his state of the city
are nasty right now. 33 in vallejo. you are going to get some cold spots up around the napa and santa rosa in the mid-20s. the next few mornings tomorrow morning, sunday morning, monday morning, tuesday morning are going to be freezing. so you're going to see frost. maybe black ice if you look really hard. remotely sunny in the afternoon. temperatures will come down into the mid- and upper 50s. 58 in napa with a 56 in berkeley. so not quite in the 60-degree range. let's step out of the way. 56 in pacifica. you get to san jose, 58, 59 in h -r began hill. -- in morgan hill. those winds are actually going to keep the air quality issues we have with spare the air day. it's going to keep us from having a spare the air night. so a little bit of wind. it's going to keep areas around the bay a little bit warmer so we're not anticipating as much frost until you get inland. the winds keep things a little warmer, keep the frost, make it tough for the frost to form. that's at the higher elevations and around the bay. i mentioned earlier julie there's no rain in this five day and really there's no rain
tonight and tomorrow morning, it will be cooler as it was today. pacifica foggy all day. 56. santa rosa 67. san jose and morgan hill in the mid-60s. nice day. warmer today. thursday, get ready for a nice day. the winds are going off shore. high pressure is building in. this is -- we see this weather this time of year. it has been so dry, nice, sunny that it is getting old. we need rain and it is not happening in the five-day forecast. temperatures outside are mild, warm in some places. 58 antioch, that is warm. 54 mountain view. temperatures chilly. high pressure is settling in. that is why it is not raining. this high pressure presses the air down. the fog squished. and that makes for dense fog. along the great hayway, towards the zoo, poor visibilities. fog along the coast and then it is gone. tomorrow is sunny. all the ocean beaches. over night lows tonight, where they be been every night. if you had vast fismorning -- frost this morning, you will have frost tomorrow morning. dense fog along the coast, along the golden gate bridge, golden gate bridge commute, going north, golden gate br
record highs. 70s. santa rosa 69. oakland, 71. and 69 in hayward. so very warm out there today. temperatures tomorrow like the 73 in san jose will be about the same. same as tomorrow. tomorrow's temperatures will be 60s, seventies. maybe a degree cooler in some places. but it will be splitting hairs. nice day tomorrow. what we had today is what we will have tomorrow. there is the fog. this is the high clouds. see this, that is the fog. being pushed off shore by the winds. when you get the winds you know you are getting warming atmosphere and a nice -- nice night. 63 in concord. 63 in san jose. getting dark out there and it is february and we are still in the 60s. mile evening. cold real -- mild evening. cold real fast. and nice day tomorrow. as we head into the bay area weekend, more clouds come in, those clouds break down the ridge of high pressure that has been keeping us dry and bringing us a chance of showers tuesday. much cooler. cool tonight. temperatures over night mid- 30s. low 30s. frost in some areas. whatever you have this morning, you got tomorrow morning. coastal f
will be in the mid-30s, in the cold spots some freezing. 32 by santa rosa and napa. the rest of us low 40s, a good looking friday over all. friday night into saturday maybe a sprinkle and your weekend looks dry. so these are your forecast overnight lows. not much different than what we've been experiencing. as we look at the satellite loop you can sigh this high pressure center going away just enough to let this system creep in friday night, saturday morning don't change your plans this thing is just going the drive by. maybe a spritz at best. there'll be a little drizzle. by saturday afternoon you will have forgotten all about. here we are saturday morning, here we are friday night. friday late 11:00, kind of wants to do something and fizzles out. that might give us some drizzle at best. the forecast model isn't that bullish. then sunday looks even nicer with normal daytime highs. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow, 62 in brentwood, 62 in hayward, 62 in san rafael. these are not february temperatures these are not february temperatures that's all i can say. they are very warm for this time
in santa rosa. napa was 65 degrees. look at antioch at 66. you're touching on upper 60s here. i'm sure some areas did get into the upper 60s. san mateo was 61 degrees. we're tracking this system as it comes down. i wish it would bring us a lot of rain but it's not going to. numbers are going to go from where they were today which is some mid-60s and low 60s down to the mid-60s. we will probably see most temperatures in the 50s so cooler tomorrow. current temperatures 66 in concord, 69 in antioch. the system as it comes in will increase the clouds and will bring us a slight chance of a sprinkle as we go into late tonight early tomorrow morning but we're all asleep. you're not going to notice it. you may wake up with a little bit of wet on the ground. i think it'll get breezy tomorrow afternoon as that system clears out. so it'll be a crisp clear day probably need a jacket or sweatshirt. with the wind the 50s will feel clearer than that. frost in some of the inland bay valleys. just above freezing in the coldest spots and upper 30s low 40s. this is a system i'm tracking. they're supposed to
warm. 56 degrees in santa rosa. today mid-60s, upper 60s. tomorrow will be like today. wake up cool, frost, not much. over night lows mid-30s. highs today, highs tomorrow will duplicate these. fog, burns back quickly. and tomorrow like today. extended forecast. over night lows, chilly starts for many of you tomorrow, and frost. but -- the weather pattern repeats itself. that is what we got. we will continue dry, we will continue warm. dry forecast for the rest of february, i tell you this, first week of march looks dry too. high pressure keeps everything north. we stay dry. these are the day time highs. 60s. pretty good. warm. we need rain. this is the time of year you want to get it. february is the month. march is a good month. when you don't get it, we are not worried but we talk about it. where is it rain. nothing worse than going in to march with a deficit. it has been dry. >> and beautiful. we need the rain. >> hopefully march. thank you. >> thank you, bill. >>> coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36, we are following tonight's search for a missing family of four. their b
were on the warm side. plenty of 60s and low 70s. 36234 santa rosa tomorrow. tomorrow is a lot like what we had today. highs for tomorrow, add 3 degrees. temperatures tomorrow, some mid 70s. lots of upper 60s because of this high pressure that i showed you. the secret stream going north sending rain and snow in the cascades. this high stays with us. the air sinks, the air warms. the air produces temperatures like these. atomorrow up in napa. 73 in pairfield. 74 in antioch with 68 in oakland. unreasonably warm weather as we head into your bay area wednesday. cooler start with mild days. forecast, very dry. we're not seeing a lot in the way. as you look in the 5 day, there is nothing here. the next five i have being yellow as well. not looking at any significant rain headed our way. i guess you enjoy it while it lasts. hope the rain starts getting together pretty soon here. >> let's hope so. thank you, bill. >>> today is an especially proud day for all of us here atk . oakland mayor has declared today rita williams day in the city. rita is retiring from ktvu after 35 years. we can say
as you get into the early morning hours of santa rosa. temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s. so below freezing freezing frosty in the morning hours. you'll certainly see frost tomorrow morning. vallejo and fremont good chance to see some frost. be ready for it. it is in the 50s maybe a couple of low 60s. as we head into the weekend certainly friday night early saturday morning we might see a sprinkle. it looks as throw it will be a very weak event. our system depositing snow around spring training but that's south of here. high pressure stays with us thursday and friday gives us a dry forecast with minor warming. really right into the next couple of days into most of the weekend. the weekend is going to cool off i'll show you why thursday 1:00 tomorrow and thursday, friday afternoon. this is what i'm watching. thursday, friday looks nice like today. here's what i'm watching. there thing comes down friday night late into saturday morning as it goes through kind of switches airmass is a little bit going to cool things off for your saturday a few degrees and maybe bring some sprink
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